Lovejuice White Dubai

First in a series of pieces for Lovejuice hosting parties in the world-famous, WHITE, Dubai. You can see them over the next few weeks as they will be released at the following link

Lovejuice Marbella July Schedule 2016

Big weekend of fun in Marbs. They needed a colourful, strong, punchy design to complement it. Drop us a line to let us know what you think of the design. Or, if you're in Marbs this weekend, let us know what the parties were like.

Soul D-Vine logo development

Sam Divine came to us after we designed her D-Vine Sounds Label logo to come up with something to represent the soulful side of house and stay in-keeping with her existing brands.

You can view the work here

Lovejuice Marbella made me do it at Club 195, Epping

Continuing with our monthly excursion into all things cool. Lovejuice at Club 195 Epping. Catching up in the UK with all the usual antics in Marbs. Its always a good excuse to catch up after the traditional May Bank Holiday shakedown and make plans for the next outrageous party

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Soul Much logo and brand development

We design a lot of logos at Tag Design so when Soul Much came to us via Defected Records, Sam Divine we were excited to take this project onboard.

When we design a logo we like to give the client as many options as possible based on the brief and examples that he or she has submitted. As you can see from the sample sheet that we submitted (on the right) that 16 were submitted.

The client decided that number 10 was the one he wanted to use.

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